Young happy smiling mother is walking with red stroller with newborn baby on a beach on ma

Stroller Handling Skills

It’s safe to say that the sight of a Mom walking along with her dog on pace with her baby stroller is the fantasy of pretty much every Mom who is also a DogMom. 

I started practicing walking in my first trimester with my dogs and an empty stroller. I’m sure the

neighborhood thought I had I lost my mind. I knew this was an important skill that I wouldn’t be able to

teach as smoothly once the baby arrived. By the end of my first trimester, both of my dogs knew how to

heel alongside the stroller.


When my dogs see the stroller, they get as excited as they do when they see their leashes. They love going out for a walk with my son!


The first piece of this behavior is to train your dog to “heel.” Learning to heel is a fun, bonding game to

practice while you are pregnant.