Meet Brenda & Elyse

Brenda Aréchiga

Brenda Aréchiga is a much sought after animal behavior consultant known for her keen eye, ethical approach & results. She has been privileged to work with many Oscar, Emmy & Grammy Award winners in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago & Nashville. She is highly recommended by top veterinarians & pediatricians.  

Elyse Avila Smith

Hello! I am Elyse.  I am a Mom and a DogMom. I have a toddler son Everett named after his Great Grandpa and 5 fur babies, Stella, Henry & Twyla.  We also have two cats – Emma and Finley.


I have a huge heart for animals.  I rescue dogs and cats and I’m also titled in competitive obedience training. After becoming a mom to human baby, I have developed a passion to teaching new parents how to create balance in their home. 

Our Story


We are two Southern California natives who met over 10 years ago on a New Year’s Day dog rescue mission. We became fast friends and have supported one another through life’s celebrations and heartbreaks.  


Just over two years ago, Elyse became a Mom and brought her beautiful boy home from the hospital.  Her spirited Afghan hound Stella immediately fell in love with him.  So in love as a matter of fact, that she guarded him from all of her animal siblings.  


A therapy dog and competitive obedience trainer herself, Elyse understood Stella’s core issue but needed a simple and sustainable behavior protocol she could implement in her new life as Mom to a newborn.


She was dismayed by the suggested interventions of trainers she spoke with. They were all punishing and didn’t address the root of Stella’s problem behavior. Elyse wanted to keep her son safe but in the long term, she needed to change Stella’s behavior, not just lock her up in a crate or put a muzzle on her. 


Finally, she reached out to Brenda, who lives an hour away. On the phone, she did an in-take and quickly developed a force-free management strategy to keep Elyse’s son safe and teach Stella positive behaviors around the baby. Within days, Elyse’s home was balanced and Stella was living in harmony with all of her animal siblings as well as welcoming visitors to the home.

For Brenda and Elyse, that shared experience highlighted their unique backgrounds in parenting and dog training. They realized there are so many parents who consider their beloved dog to be their first-born child. Together, they could give parents and families the tools to create a loving and balanced home environment where their babies and fur babies can thrive together.